It Seems This Is Why The Vegetables Can’t Go Outside Yet

The Jet Stream is broken.  When one adds heat to our atmosphere it can hold more moisture.  Because of that, it gets heavier and slower and meanders higher and lower than it used to.  The polar vortex in the mid-west and east and the horrific winds here in the west, and the drought in the southwest seem to all have been influenced by this.  We are getting the strangest weather as we have had the prevailing winds coming almost directly out of the north, bringing cooler air.  This past weekend the mountains got to close to 3 feet of snow. Yesterday, because of winter driving conditions, Vail pass was closed and as I write it is smack dab the middle of May!  The days are not getting warm enough and the evenings as a result are not STAYING warm enough to put out the fruiting plants to harden off (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, etc.)  Because we have been getting above normal precipitation in the form of sleet and freezing rain (two days ago there was 8 inches of snow at the farm), we have not been able to do any bed preparations.  This is farming and gardening in the new normal.

Here is a chart that illustrates the issue.  I am afraid there is going to have to be alot of new adaptation in order to allow food production to continue.  On a happy note, the wheat crop seems to be loving all of this.  Here is hoping that in the next week or two things warm up some.  I don’t mind the moisture – here it is a blessing – but it really needs to warm up.  Ah the life of the farmer – always at the mercy of the elements.

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