The Wind Break Progress Continues

Thanks to help from friend Mike and son Aaron, the drift fencing portion of the windbreaks are in place.  There is one stretch of solid fence that still needs to be built but this will get us set for planting…..   of course, the weather still needs to cooperate.  It is still getting down into the 40’s at night.  It looks like Sunday will finally get the evening temps up to where the plants can go out and harden off.

If we can dodge this next round of rain (notice the skies in the pictures below), then tilling can get underway tomorrow.  Aaron got out and plowed up the corn and sunflower patch, so slowly but surely we are progressing along.  The kid applied to the local grain elevator to help unload haulers and load train cars during the wheat harvest.   Very cool if he gets it.  Whoda thunk my kid’s first real non-volunteer summer job would end up being in Ag!  Long hours, lots of dust, heat and gruff hard core laborers.  Perfect!

Looking forward to the grandma visit on Monday!

Windbreak 1

windbreak 2

Windbreak 3

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